handmade in Poland

BioGa is a family-owned company which purpose is to offer you the best ecological products. Our offer includes hand-made eco-friendly soy candles and ecological cleaning products that are a safe alternative to commercial products.

We realize that everything that surrounds us has a huge impact on our body, and we have a huge impact on the environment in which we live and will live in the future. That's why a few years ago we started to create for our own use ecological washing powders and cleaning pastes that we use every day. Also from the need of having beautiful, but above all healthy and safe candles for us, we created candles that are made of soy wax with the addition of natural essential oils. 

We attach a great deal of importance that our products are made of the best natural ingredients. Moreover they are made of recyclable materials and after using they are suitable for recycling (utilization?).

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Zapachowa zawieszka MAGIC GARDEN

Zapachowa zawieszka MAGIC GARDEN

25.00 zł