Ecological washing powder for white

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Ekologiczny proszek do prania białego

Ecological washing powder for white

The powder should not only remove stains. Equally important as preserving cleanliness, is the care of the washed clothes and their owner. Nearly 60% of all hazardous chemicals are absorbed by our skin, which is why it is so important that the powder used is not only effective, but also friendly for us. The combination of these two features can be found in the ecological white BioGa washing powder.

Ecological powder - safety for our skin

Our natural white washing powder was created only thanks to the power of mother nature and natural minerals. As a result, you will not find any preservatives, phosphates, petrochemicals or artificial fragrances in our products. All this makes the bio white washing powder perfectly suitable as a stain remover from:

• clothes for children and babies;
• clothes for people with allergies;
• clothing of people with sensitive skin.

Washing in BioGa products, we can be sure that we chose delicate and 100% natural products.

The power of washing substances in natural washing powder for white

In spite of the lack of artificial, chemical bleaches, BioGa ecological washing powder is perfect for washing white things. All thanks to carefully selected ingredients that are found in our powder. If we want to preserve the softness and freshness of newly washed clothes / bedding for longer, choose from our offer dedicated, organic BioGa rinsing liquids, which in combination with bio washing powders will ensure beautiful smell and softness of materials for many days.

Bio washing powder, safety and effectiveness regardless of the washing conditions

Our ecological white washing powder can be used regardless of the degree of dirtiness of clothes and hardness of water. Just follow the directions below. Our powder works greatly not only in the washing machine, but also in the case of hand washing. It is therefore ideal for delicate little laundry. In the case of persistent stains, it is worth leaving clothes to soak.

How much powder to pour?

For 4-5kg of washing for medium-hard water:

• Washing lightly soiled 1,5 scoops
• Washing medium soiled 2 scoops
• Washing heavily soiled 2,5 scoops

Depending on the hardness of the water

• Soft water -0.50 scoops
• Hard water, + 0.50 scoops

Hand wash 2 scoops for 10 liters of water.

Heavily soiled clothes leave to soak.