Ecological lemon with mint rinse liquid mint

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Ecology concerns many areas of life, among them ordinary housekeeping. We are increasingly using ecological soaps, washing powders, pastes and fabric softener. These solutions allow us to be not only in harmony with our planet, but also to ensure ourselves and our loved ones safety by cutting them off unnecessary, often dangerous chemistry.

A natural liquid for fabric rinsing – make freshness last longer

Ecological fabric rinses are a completion for our natural washing powders. It is them, thanks to the use of natural essential oils, that provide rinsed fabrics with a beautiful fresh fragrance that stays on the material for several days. These products are completely safe and friendly not only for fabrics, but also for our skin. In addition, bio rinsing liquids are completely biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable.

100% nature in our ecological fabric softener

Our orange ecological rinsing liquid was created by using only natural ingredients. For its creation we used, among others, real orange essential oil, natural citric acid and crystal clear water. All this makes the liquid rinses perfectly and leaves on washed clothes, bedding a beautiful scent of sweet, beautiful oranges.

The strength of the orange in our bio-washing liquids

The beautiful aroma of citrus is not only a pleasure for our nose. This aroma perfectly affects our body. Citruses, including natural essential oils of orange from our ecological liquid for rinsing, stimulate, encourage to act, "load our battery". Thanks to that every clean shirt you put on in the morning will give you energy to start another day.